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Monsters Of The Midwest 16EE 07 14 $50.00 BUY | View Team (Summary)   Head Gase- Foster
Double Dozen 12ES 03 9 $75.00 BUY | View Team (Summary)   Virginians - 24
Double Dozen 12ES 11 10 $75.00 BUY | View Team (Summary)   Mustangs
EFS Masterminds XXV 12ES 03 11 $75.00 BUY | View Team (Summary)   Sleestaks
EFS Masterminds XXV 12ES 05 12 $75.00 BUY | View Team (Summary)   Stankonia ATLiens
EFS Masterminds XXV 12ES 06 2 $75.00 BUY | View Team (Summary)   25 BANANAS FOSTER
EFS Masterminds XXV 12ES 10 4 $75.00 BUY | View Team (Summary)   Kramerica Oilers
EFS Masterminds XXV 12ES 09 10 $75.00 BUY | View Team (Summary)   Clay Mathews Golden Mane
Reservoir Dogs 12ES 06 12 $75.00 BUY | View Team (Summary)   Kramerica Oilers
Reservoir Dogs 12ES 07 9 $75.00 BUY | View Team (Summary)   Show me your TDS
Reservoir Dogs 12ES 09 7 $75.00 BUY | View Team (Summary)   35
Leftover Meatloaf 16EE 02 16 $75.00 BUY | View Team (Summary)   Foster Weasels
Leftover Meatloaf 16EE 10 8 $75.00 BUY | View Team (Summary)   97
Leftover Meatloaf 16EE 12 7 $75.00 BUY | View Team (Summary)   Taxi Squad All-Stars 97
Leftover Meatloaf 16EE 14 3 $75.00 BUY | View Team (Summary)   Foster Stork
Leftover Meatloaf 16EE 15 4 $75.00 BUY | View Team (Summary)   97 BANANAS FOSTER
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