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 Orphaned/fostered teams: Jan-July = $75, Aug = $65, Sept = $40,
Oct = $75, Nov/Dec = $65. - Returning owners: $75
(Oct-Dec price pays for next year! Prices for non-custom leagues only.)
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As of 2006, you will need to join a waiting list to join new leagues.

If you sign up for a team AFTER August 1st, we do NOT guarantee your league will fill THIS year.   If you sign up after Aug. 1 and your league does NOT fill, we will NOT process a refund.   Instead, you will need to wait until January when your league will continue to fill completely.   In that case, your signup payment will be applied to the next fantasy football season, starting January 1.
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 Feature:  12 team Standard football league (League 000025, Owner 09)
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The fantasy football team you are about to purchase at Extreme Fantasy Sports Inc. is a year-round dynasty experience you will not find anywhere else.  By agreeing to purchase this team, you agree to join Extreme Fantasy Sports Inc. in a shared responsibility to maintain yearly ownership of this team.  Extreme Fantasy Sports Inc. agrees to maintain and support the league to its best abilities while each owner is responsible for maintaining yearly ownership.  If for any reason you are unable to continue ownership, you must assist Extreme Fantasy Sports Inc. in finding a new owner for your league. You are still responsible for any and all renewal fees that become due until such time that ownership has been transferred.  Thank you again for choosing Extreme Fantasy Sports, the most complete fantasy football experience on the internet.
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